Reviews for "Lust For Rust"

Salad fingers likes the red water or blood.

And I highly doubt you even know what orgasmic means I'm getting annoyed with some people using it incorrectly because there is no such thing as orgasmic rust. I'm going on 14 years old and I understand more sophisticated words than you probably do. Though the game was pretty good, great job. Orgasmic rust sounds kind of scary if you ask I would hate to see what it looks like.

You know,

I can't tell you that you're game is The Game Of The Year, but I must tell you that everyting that respect Salad Finger is something that I respect too... So, good game.

but you know that the "Orgasmic Sound" is a sound of confusing in the reals episodes and the "Pain Sound" is an orgasmic sound of Salad Finger ?

I like your game, great work

( when we lose, you should play the music : <<Somewhere, Over the rainbows , way up high ... >> )

So nice..But bigger arena maybe?

I really enjoyed this game; the sound effects were great, the only suggestion I have there is more variety. Perhaps you could throw in bonuses of some effect, to mix in some different Salad Finger items or characters.
I would've liked the play area to be a little bigger in all directions, at the same time some of the bigger objects made a little smaller. I didn't notice any particular increase in difficulty, but maybe I didn't make it far enough..Anyway, the point of mentioning that is the screen randomly gets clotted with harmful, unavoidable objects very early in the game..Perhaps you could tweak it to not get like that until later in the game?

wtf is wrog wit u arch?

ur a crazy mo fucka u need soe help man...o and nice game but next time make an rpg...

lot's of potential, but extremely frustrating

This game would be very enjoyable to play if only the creator hadn't made it so that GOD himself couldn't score well playing. You can play perfectly and still die which can only be the the result of a sadistic personality on behalf of the creator. If you don't have the patience of a hunk of stone you risk having an embolism playing this. It is expertly put together; graphics, sound etc. all great. So it really is a shame that it is designed to terrorize the gamer. The designer will be happy to know that so far I have busted my cell phone and my mouse twice and if I play much more I'll probably start beating my kids or maybe the neighbor instead.