Reviews for "Wade, I'm Coming Home"

lol,Wade day?

did 7 star`s account realy got deleted,lol,everything bad happens to 7 star,lol didnt a while ago you made a collection because you said 7 got in a car crash,lol now his account is deleted,lol everything bad happens to him, he is the unlucky star, well, if his account realy got deleted does that mean there is no more 7 star movie on newgrounds? and will he come back? i hope 7 star realy didnt get deleted, or the star syndicate wont be completed,lol i just rymed

xtil responds:

you're a little bit confused my friend


i love you.

xtil responds:



a fitting tribute to such a great loss.. my thoughts are with u!!! never forget...


maybe its just the alchole talking ut the was f*****g beautiful man espeacilay the song!!

dude wades dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

i didnt know he was dead???????hmmmmmm???wtf