Reviews for "Wade, I'm Coming Home"

This was awkward for me

For my name is wade too

zomg o_o

it was amazing

do i get a hug from the stars too? :DD

it was a good flash

and i've seen all ur work i could find...ur a great flash artist..but..one thing i've always wondered..i havent been around newgrounds enough...or simply not long enough...to truly understand this wade/starsyndicate business...i've tried going to roymaster...as i saw for a moment in this movie..and digging up something that could explain the story...but i cant really figure out what happend...there r plenty of spinoffs of star syndicate's remnants...but well...if u...in an author's response...or perhaps another ng member could explain in their next review that lil story i'd appreciate it...great flash though...


Poor Wade. He seemed so lonely!

Quality Work

It was great.
Wade's awesome and so was that flash.
The animation was great and the song was a perfect fit.
Good job.