Reviews for "Wade, I'm Coming Home"

very good STARS!


Waz that ozzy osbourne! crap i tell u!

wtf was that omg i could do a better 1 i gt lost whith the stars good graphics do another but whithout the stars!

wahts with those stars?

ive never seen wade, so i wouldnt know if the drawings were anywhere close to accurate, but the movie was sweet (the star part was weird tho...)

Great flash for Wade Day!

The graphics in this flash are very good. Great drawings of Wade and the stars. The background was good as well. I really liked the animation in this flash. The sound, the music I think was very good and fitted well in this flash.

This flash, I really liked where it started and what Wade did in the middle of the night. Here, the music, I think it made this flash good. The ending part I did find strange with him happy with the stars, but that did give me a laugh, especially the love Wade gave to SevenStar there. Great work!


Nice job.

The art and animation were superb. Nice work. However, I don't smoke! Although I look pretty bad ass smoking. :) Also I never felt bad about removing SevenStar. He was removed because the majority of our moderators recommended his removal for his unacceptable behavior on our forums. I agreed with their views and supported their decision.

xtil responds:

Thank you for the 10/10. :O

Although I did portray you with a cigarette in your mouth, you never actually lit it. It was implied, I guess. And it does make you look badass, like your internet sunglasses. F00D can teach you all about that. I hope you checked out his "Wade:Internet Badass" flash, it's boss.

And as for SevenStar, well, despite his behavior we all miss his presence here. His flash movies especially. It's a piece of internet history, you know. And now it only lives in everyone's hearts.

While you may say that you never felt bad for removing SevenStar, I think somewhere, deep down inside, you will find that you miss him a little. No one is that heartless. :'(

You and I both know how hard it is to depart with something that you're attached to. As I thrashed and cried over my Sailor Moon Super S Platinum DVD Collection, I can only imagine you did the same as your mouse hovered over the "delete" button on SevenStar's account.

Regardless, the Star Syndicate still recognizes, appreciates and celebrates the day that is Wade Fulp day. I hope your holiday was enjoyable and full of laughing, crying, embracing, and much rejoicing.