Reviews for "Wade, I'm Coming Home"

I feel sorry for you...

Man I know the feeling of losing a friend or a relative...especially if you liked him/her...I'm not saying that this movie is good because you mentioned someone who is dead...At first you don't see the point about this flash...only at the end you understand everything the song the stars and this dead person...man keep up that work

xtil responds:

i think you misinterpreted this flash as it isn't about someone dying .. but you're close.


oh rtil, you make my cry so much *blubber*

That was truly awe-inspiring. The graphics were beyond anything I have really seen before, so stylised, and yet so cute and brushy. How you do it really makes me wonder if you have some kind of brain device and just imagine the images and they appear onscreen *cry*

Excellently sychronised to the music, the movie really hit home using the music well to its full potential.

It was a really great movie. You not only made me feel sorry for Wade at the start, but made up for it at the end with all the loveness.

rtil, I bow down.

P.S. are you making anymore episodes of Trix: Complete Breakfast?

xtil responds:

thanks for the review, i'll have to check about that brain device it would be quite handy. the song is Mama I'm Coming Home by Ozzy in case you were wondering, I heard it about a month ago and then when I found out about Wade Fulp day I thought it was just perfect :D

and yes, someday, I will make Trix:tCB2, but it's 3rd or 4th down the list on my priorities of major projects. Although it did much, MUCH better than I had ever imagined, I sort of lost interest in it. But I did get an entire storyboard done for it, and I'm not giving up on it. So someday expect to see that, and at least a preview in the next 2 or 3 months. I've just got other ideas I like better for the time being.

Cool flash

I don't know what's going on between Wade and Sevenstar, so whether or not I agree with it I can't say, but it was a very well-done flash.

Good piece and all, but...

Did Wade really delete SevenStar? Wade pwns SS rofl rofl rofl.

xtil responds:

wade wishes he was sevenstar, that's why he deleted him.


im impressed star syndicate
no explination needed this is a very well done flash

xtil responds:

the SS is dead man, dead forever we're never ever coming back ever i swear