Reviews for "Wade, I'm Coming Home"

Such a beautiful movie

I cried :(

I loved the part where one of the stars handed Wade a flash file, the expressions on their faces were perfect


That was quite funny,great animation and funny concept,it had a fucked up ending though but still a great flash.



I can't help it, this is a good movie.

The movie was well-animated, entertaining, and sad. I must ask, however: Why are you so vehement in your defence of SevenStar? It is well known, to most of us at NG, at least, that linking to child pornography results in deletion of one's account. SevenStar fucked up, and he paid for it. He was lucky to avoid FBI questioning, actually. Seriously, Wade did nothing wrong here. Perhaps, instead of hassling Wade, you should have apologized.

Another thing: You guys aren't really leaving Newgrounds, are you? You've all made your fair share of mistakes, but I would still miss you.

xtil responds:

hah the ss reopened the whole thing was sort of a joke.
sevenstar wasn't lucky the fbi could give less a shit
and the flash was just for fun but we'd never apologize to wade lol


... nope, that zero in the overall is not a mistake. I'm going to divide this review into two parts, one technical, the other explaining my zero. First part: technically, that pretty decent. Some good drawings, nice soundtrack and some good timing (that is, coordination between music and on screen action) surpassed the lack of animation, though the hair in the wind thing was nice. More "action" could improve the movie, especially when the music goes more up-tempo (the “I’m going home part”). Finally, the overall style of the movie was good, though (what I suppose is) the humor part was lacking.
The second part: I don't want to go into much detail, but it's as simple as this: SevenStar linked to a pedophile web page. A pedophile page. I'll say again, one last time: A P E D O P H I L E page, to which, incidentally, he gave no warning that it was as such. That, in my book, deserves much more than the simple deletion of his account, he should considered himself lucky to have gotten away with such alight punishment.
So, by defending SevenStar, be it seriously or not, you are defending someone who linked to a pedophile page. Do you seriously understand just how horrible a thing that is? I stand by Wade's decision of deleting SevenStar, as I think he deserved more.
Some sort of answer would be nice, but not necessary, especially since the given space for reviews and answers is so small. Oh, I'm kindly asking you to refrain from "OMG YOU R TEH L000ZER" answer. I've given a fair opinion on the movie, all I'm asking is for a fair answer.

xtil responds:

i love how you SS haters think you're above us somehow and you can tell us what and what not to do.
we own the portal and there's nothing you can do about it.
i don't care about what sevenstar did. i don't care about reviews like this, i don't care about newgrounds.
welcome to the internet - it's a playground, not a beauracracy.
you've gotta learn how to have fun.
but you never will.
keep dishing out those 0's, old buddy old pal.