Reviews for "Wade, I'm Coming Home"

Good God!!111

Man that was great and the music was nice too but can u give me a little insight of whats going on here in this wade fulp day is it his birthday or something fill me in here plz.

you rock

yes you do

xtil responds:

oh yes oh yes oh yes oh god oh yes


I liked how this was a protest, but wasnt some random rant or 1.3 kb swf. Also the music was rockin and graphics were great.

keep it up, cool beans

Best SS flash ever

The ending was pretty cool. And I laughed like a Doof after seeing this.

Great work!

This was really good. On special days such as this and Daily Day i will probably only review either the best one or some impressive ones. And based on the Wade Day submissions that are coming in, id say this is and will be the best one. And again from xtil, you are one of the people that i can count on to submit something that has to do with the special day, as well as being very good. You make the star syndicate proud to have you a part of them. Here is my review!

To start, the graphics were great,but at some points they were more impressive than others. Early on you showed some really cool drawings and awesome animation. But then the animation itself went down a bit and there wasnt as much of it. The drawings were pretty good in general, along with the detail. The colours were nicely done too. The graphics were just great overall, more consistancy would have helped. The style was awesome, cool animating style, interesting idea, nice presentation and just a great movie overall for Wade Day, people should be making more movies like this. The sound was great too, the song was a good decision, though i didnt personally like it all that much. It fit the movie well, and added a bit more to the mood. There was also some pretty good humour at the end!

Overall this was a great movie, especially for Wade Day, i hope on each special day you submit something impressive, like this or even better! Even if you dont, keep making movies!
~Two Thumbs Up! 4/5

xtil responds:

i had to put this together really fast, so thats probably why its graphically inconsistent.
damn college cutting into my flash time >:O