Reviews for "Wade, I'm Coming Home"


Damn good. I want my Daily2oons. Wade has other reasons for acting Italian.


Thsi was really good, good graphics, nice choice of song, solid story, a good quality flash. Butt i just have to say this, id be ready, cuz if i where wade getting this constant barrage of insults and flames from you guys you would be permaipbanned. Just a word of warning.

xtil responds:

Wade gave this a 10 out of 10. See for yourself.


You truly give the SS an amazing name.

You are a spectacular artist with a bitginly wonderful sense of humour.

This was truly fucking hilarious and amazing. One of the most original ideas I have seen in awhile.

Keep up the good work


another great SS flash

man your an amazing artist. when you set your mind to it you do so pretty spactacular stuff. i find most of your stuff somewhat humorous and your animosity towards wade apparently drives you pretty good.

this is the top of the wade day submissions.

5 out of 5

Happy flashing!!!

---Nobody is dead!---

I actually enjoyed this short. Which is surprising because it was done by the same animator who spread that disgusting, fake rumor about another animator having died! Complete with fake memorial! Even though I enjoyed this short, and I believe it's animator has real talent; I got ZERO respect for him as a human being!... As for that business with sevenstar; there are few taboos in this day-and-age. But some of them are STILL universal!