Reviews for "Wade, I'm Coming Home"


this is a masterpiece of epic proportions. its a shame what happened to seven star........wades ego will destroy us all.


I didnt relaly get it, so I'm not going to vote for it.

xtil responds:

but you're going to leave a stupid review instead
oh thanks so much

That was great

That deserves Fucking first. Down voters can burn in hell

(What's the name of that song?)

xtil responds:

mama i'm coming home by ozzy osbourne

not bad, i liked it

not usually a fan of the SS, but this was a really impressive flash :)

oh sweet jesus cupcakes

It had to be a hard decision. One cannot honestly delete a legend like Sevenstar without feeling SOME remorse. I wish him the best in life, and I hope someday... just someday... Wade will see the light.

xtil responds:

me 2