Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

excellent work

im assuming you used something like 3d studio max to make this, if it was 3dmx can you tell me how you export a movie so all the reflections n all are intact??

i can tell alot of work went into this, great job.

orb responds:

I actually used maya, not 3ds max.

How diid u do it?!?!?!

The 3-D animation was amazing, sytle was unbelevbable and everything else was P-E-R-F-E-C-T-O. You should have gottne a 1st daily feature instead of 3rd! well anyways. Fanstastic JOB!

orb responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it. I didn't get 1st because the first place that day happened to be a professional 35 year old animator in Korea... lol kinda not fair. Then the second place was some also rediculous submission.

Anyways, on the how did you do it part, I used a 3D animation program call Maya.


don't you meen it was part of the 5 shades of purple? you put 5 shades of red on the ending credits. great work anyway

orb responds:

Yeah, it was my bad and I really don't want to have to reupload the 8 MB file just for that. Uploading 8 MB takes a long time you know.

1st 3D animation i've seen

i've never seen a 3D animation on this site so i gots to give this some props. although i really wasn't "entertained" i think that it's a good animation


I just had to say something about this submission! I actually watched it twice in a row, something I normally never do, so it had quite an effect on me. Can't really say why but I just loved this!!!!
Keep 'em coming!! Great job!!

orb responds:

Thanks a lot!