Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"


:o....that was absolutely incredible in every way, i would give tips to improve but i cat because it's perfect!

very VERY well done on that peice keep it up! :)

Friggen Sweet...

That was pretty sweet dude! I've crossed so many good entries in the portal today. And this, it was the most orginal peice I've seen today! I love the 3D work man! It's awsome... I never really understood what was going on though! :P


i have no idea what it was about but it was realy cool wehat 3d software did u use for that?

orb responds:

Maya. I almost said Alias Maya, but the company Autodesk bought Alias recently.


dont get me rong, it was awsome, but you could have included some sound once the tubes came down. And once the robot moved to the next possition. It was really great though make another just like it =).

Impressive 3-D effects...

despite this not having much of a story, the 3D is pretty amazing with the reflection effects for good measure. nice one.