Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

Nicely Done.

I'll agree with my predecessor that this is the best graphics I have ever seen on NG. However, as pertains to the video, it is a wasted use of your talents. The purple was an interesting idea, but nothing happened in the video, save for the showy graphics.


Very Impressive

Thats the best graphics I've seen on this web site ever. Nice and smooth and shiny. Well I don't how else i can say this, but its was just the best i've ever seen. Great job.


Dude... =P

This is the first time i get to see a 3D flash animation... thugh the story is kinda stupid =S...

The graphics are incradible and I'm sure that was pratty hard to do so, I guess you couldn't do a longer movie (you'd prolly take veryx99 long)

It was funny the fact that from a 2D image you made 3D Mn'M XD


There are only a few flash movies in 3D, and this is one of them (including all the collection of this genre).
I can't belive that those will be the M&M's on the future.
Awesome work.

Wow... just... Wow.

Holy crap, that was some of the best animation I've seen. The lighting was great, and the reflections were perfect. Just... Wow. You really deserve a 5 from every viewer.