Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

HOLY MOTHER OF |= u ( |< !

Is this even possible???! This CAN'T have been done in Flash. You, sir, are a genius. I bow to you.

It's great! but, its a flash?

this was rendered in 3DS max or something, and then passed like an .avi to flash, then he only put the menus.

Im not desacredaying, its really cool and impresive those reflections among all the video... But I think that this needs to be in a general animation portal, not in a flash portal... Its to much to be in here.

It lefts behind a lot of animations just for the 3D.

orb responds:

Well, Tom Fulp obviously thinks I'm allowed to put 3d on the flash forum and supports it, because it was he personally who upped my limit to 8MB after watching what I was gonna upload (this). Therefore, this is not a solely 3d portal.

Best graphics I've seen on flashplayer

i guess i was right were on the verge of the next generation of flash creations congradulations you were the first to have such graphics in a cartoon. try giving a point to your movie next time. it would be so much better

that was mind boggling!!

it was so 3D it was breathtaking!! ive never seen any flash like that b4, i personali would say this wud have to b one of the best flashes on newgrounds!

I thought i was watching a REAL FILM!

That was the best 3D graphics I have ever seen on NG . It is incredible, how did you do it? You should work for a special effects deparment in some new film because that was Cinema style 3D effects, and the reflection was astounding, I can't find a single fault with this film. Astounding Work!!! :)

orb responds:

Thanks, and I use a program called Maya.