Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

Jaw-dropping amazing

The graphics were amazing, I am asking you does this require a lot of study or is it easy to explain the program of Maya. I know it has alot tools that are complex but can it be explained easily. I just wonder because I want to learn how to use the program for probably short films I want to make. Yes I know the program is expensive and I am saving. Oh and people who say this is a hole and has no plot: Well duh, it has no plot because the graphics are in 3-D and that would be a big file for newgrounds and also the dipshits that say it's useless and say that's just a hole well it's a frickin' M&M made in the future, that's the story, it's more of a short film. Anywayz...Great job man. Keep it up

orb responds:

Takes a long time to learn. I spent 2 years learning maya before submitting any animations.

was more like a tech demo

than flash to be honest but the Graphics were incrideable but it was just the felling of th hole thing and there was no point to it as well.

Excellent work TD

I'm really impressed with the amount of time and effort I can see was put into this. I remember when you posted that video you recoreded of when you rigged that character. Dam, long time passed and now you've got this. Excellent animation, but maybe tone down some of the reflections next time a little, particularly on the things that the robot stamps the M&M(?) with. The animation could also be more life-like, right now it looks really key-framed, which is what we're trying to get away from.

I'm just being over-critical though...Great job!

twinsendude is the shit.

nice work man i didnt no u were thsi good.


nothen new man .but good work

orb responds:

what do you mean nothing new? It's all new!