Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

You Kidding Me Right!

Jesus Mother Of Mary...What Did You Use At All? I Want That Program....Purple hmmmm Try It In Blue That Would Be Kwl Anyhoo The Best Of Luck!!!

orb responds:

Maya is the program I use. You might not "want that program," because it's extremely complex to use. Unless you are extremely committed you won't figure it out.

so thats how they make m&m's

Nice very well done i was just amazed as just how shiny and reflective everything was just amazing! :)


That was pretty fuckin awesome, good job. One small thing. In the Credits, it says "Originally for the five shades of Red" where it should say "purple". Not a big deal but just something I noticed. Nice 3d work. But I'm sure the future would never quite be like that, because it doesn't take that much work to create an M&M now, so why would they bother going so high-tech? Ob well, creative anyway, I guess.

orb responds:

1: Yeah, a bunch of people told me that. Uploading 8MB takes a damn long time, I didn't want to upload a new file just to fix that word.
2: Heh, maybe it just takes a ton of time because the original form was dirt (watch before he pushes down the first time), and because the M&M is a chrome M&M. Think how much time it would take to convert dirt into a chrome M&M :-D

Well done

That must've taken some time to create, the graphics were 3D, something you don't see often, nice work.

That's all Cute

Yeah it's 3D. Not Made in Flash. Looks impressive, it must be a lot of work to make 3D stuff like that. I haven't started yet doing those.

But eh.. in general that sucked seriously. The music was horrible, the movie had no goal. This is the future of what ? No one is going to work at the M&N factory anymore because there will be a sofisticated robot beeing real slow doing it for us. I guess some people have been impress also because you made textures chrome. That's just chrome. That must take you 1 sec to apply that on a object.

So all your flash is, is "good looking". Even there entrace effects are custom effect made by some program such as Swish.

To everyone else who voted over 3/5 for this. Bad jugment guys.. really bad lol

orb responds:

Uh, actually you're dead wrong.

I don't use some retard program where you just click a button to make perfection. I don't just click a button for chrome. I don't just click a button for particles. I don't just click a button to make that robot. EVERYTHING in there was extensively worked upon. It took a HUGE amount of effort to make this film. If everything only took one second to do and was preset in the program (Maya), then how would it take me 3 weeks to make? If maya was so retarded to use and took no skill, how would making movies like Shrek (made in Maya) take so long to make?

Nothing is preset. you're completely wrong.

And are you unemployed? What's your deal with "No one is going to work at the M&N factory anymore because there will be a sofisticated robot beeing real slow doing it for us." I mean, come on, it's a damn flash movie. Lighten up.