Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

soo shiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and behold a purple M+M

but wuz that only 5 shades?

orb responds:

sort of. I only used 5 hue/saturations but I had differing brightnesses to show shading.

@_@ Shiny

Woah. Cool effect- though I can't say a lot for the story.

So that's how M&Ms are made?

I don't know if it was my computer or what, but it seemed quite a bit like a slideshow with the lack of fluid movement. But, since that could be my puter, i'm not grading it any less for that. I liked the style, the super-shininess was very appealing, especially when close-up on objects.

orb responds:

Sorry about that, that's your computer. Try closing all other programs. If needed, get some more RAM


Really love the graphics, especially the way everything was extra shiny, music was great, not entirely sure what it was all about but i thought it was great


I must admit that I'm not too sure about whats going on, but the graphics are amazing. I liked the backing track as well. It looks like it took ages to produce, and if it either did or didn't, it still diserves all the plaudits it will collect.

orb responds:

Thanks a lot! Yes, it definately took a while.