Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

Holy Shit...

Is this REAL?!? It's amazing if it is.

orb responds:

oh it's real.


Thats was truly amazing! frontpage I think. and a lovely high score to accompany it. plz unblock me on aim so I can go: "wowza that was gr8!!!!!" (i am theme27 :D) u are brilliant! what did u make it with?

orb responds:

thanks. maya. And you were never blocked... lol


:o....that was absolutely incredible in every way, i would give tips to improve but i cat because it's perfect!

very VERY well done on that peice keep it up! :)

Very Impressive

Thats the best graphics I've seen on this web site ever. Nice and smooth and shiny. Well I don't how else i can say this, but its was just the best i've ever seen. Great job.

Aw sweet!

The 3-D was absolutely amazing!