Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"

Nice !!!

Please make more things like this.

shut it tigertripe...you obviously dont know humor

This rocked...plz make more and more :P


Yet another pointless and unfunny Skittles N' Bitz. Once again, I see you use the word 'random' as an excuse to come up with really bad jokes and to take way to long getting to them. The only reason I watch these movies is because you have really good talent with sprites. It's just a shame you're wasting it with this painfully bad series. Maybe a serious movie would be better for you, since you aren't funny.

excellent! allrighty!

Lol majin u own. and yes this is king_david *sighs* unblock me! The work was pretty easy but really good I liked the selection of sprites you chose it was swell, keep it up!



oww my head what the hell was that? i gave it a five because i like pixees.