Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"

Funny as hell

Wow you did it again. You made another great movie and deserve a good review.

Best One Yet

I really liked this one. Your sprite animations are very smooth. The skits were hilarious, I especially enjoyed the megaman one. Awesome job, and good luck getting that collections page :D

You should make more movies with random mario talk

Mario: MMMMMMM! Mama ******! Lets-a **** Luigi!! Oh **** NO! Oh ****! WHOA! **** you! OOh ****! Oh mama ******!!

I STILL can't stop laughing.

This and you are DEFINITELY going into my favorite submission and author lists!


this is what i have to say:

1. You have improved since the last one, i'll give you that.
2. although you improved on the flash, you didn't improve on the flash itself.
3. the last two scenes were funny
4. you didn't read my last reveiw for your last one of these you made.

good work and all, but next time try to be a little more funny than using the same style of material over and over again. i mean, the third Bitz was the funniest in my opinion.

Damn Man...

Damn, man... This was just fucked up.