Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"


funny as uusual. but im still waitin 2 see wat happened 2 link, wario, and mario :(


that was creative and funny. you have a random sense of humor that made me laugh. i want to see more of your work. keep on keep on.

ehhh, majin...

birdo aint no transvestite, it was a joke made by some nintendo of america clown, and myamoto-san fixed that joke in the late 90's. just keepin ya informed.


kinda like robot-chicken....with sprites so i loves it!!!

but the stuff this time wasnt all that funny.....soo ya work on it a bit more, other than that. let the bits keep coming woooohooo


yayayayayay ake more of this crap and the good times shall roll ever more!!!!