Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"

Reminded me of the concept of robot chicken

This was funny and I hope theres more!

omfg sooooooo friggin funny haha Fu(k

wen i sa diz 1 i tout dat it wuz funy az helzs

Robot Chicken meets the VG world

That was extremely hilalrious. VG bloopers just doesn't get any better. Keep up the good work! OH! make more of these! DEFINITELY make more!


You're as bad as Randy Solem. The quality of your flash, is really good. But you are not funny. Not funny one bit.

good but wasn't funny

When it came to quality the flash was very good, it felt like the real robot chicken only with sprites, however it wasn't funny at all, so I guess thats a bummer.:(