Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"

all round pixelated fun

absolutely awesome, i used to play on these games. the mario part with all the swearing was the best. oh and, lets see you eat that yoshi, you big fat dinosaur


this one rocks

Crazy, but really funny

Cool Flash, I liked the news part (well made). In overall short but super Hilarious.


I liked the other ones better, personally.

The "OMG fart lol" thing has been a bit overdone, and honestly, I think it destracts a little from the overall humor of the skit.

This one just seemed a little... I dunno... rushed, compared to the other ones.

And whoever voiced for the Kabuki guy needs to speak up, or something. o.o

Yee! More Skittles!

Awesome stuff. Glad I found your series.

Couple of pointers, though. Tell CZBacklash to stop trying to eat the mike. It'll get rid of that rush sound from having the microphone to close to your mouth.

And two, the fart thing's getting a bit over used.

Oh yeah! And make the next one longer!

Can't wait!