Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 2)"

a big fat doobie! TESTICLE!!

hahahha i almost shat myself! great work weebl, i love all your animations.

That's Right

Me = Big fan of Weebl and Bob, and guy who makes this and Magical Trev Too!!!

Etc. Etc. Not worthy... Sexual favours for more toons, etc. etc.

Anyways, down to the important stuff...In retort to Mr. Re-animated's review ARE YOU MAD!!! Insanity PRAWN (not shrimp... or shrip *sighs*) Is the ULTIMATE best character EVER!!! He rocks... he is just so random... like yours truly...

Hmm... Back to the creators... Genius in their own rights, keep making the great toons... ET CETERA!!!

Haha, what randomness!

Wow, I'm a great fan of Weeble and bob and that was so cool! I think the shrip could have been better though.

bewtter than first.

way better than first.also it was funny to see moon hitler.also i liked the worm more this time.also it was longer which was good.keep it up weevil stuff.magical trevor is awesome!

Was actually funny, but could have been better.

Was actually kinda funny and fun to watch, but did not capitalize on the funny or violence. To short for my liking to. The graphics and style were fantastic though!