Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 2)"


this one is easily better than the first one

oh..and to Quetzacotl otm 3 is already out

it was good

i didnt understand mate but still it a gd cartoon and i like your work

((( WOW )))

Testicl in moon dust hahah damn that was funny, and props to you on some amazing artwork, aswell as some funny humor, some of the best on the grounds if i say so myself, the hitler like kid in the walker was great haha, all the characters have real character to them and thats what makes the flash veru entertaining, and artworl like backrounds was great stuff, also little effects here and there like the passing space shuttle also another great touch, anyways great job all around...



A great movie- I look forward to OTM3!


nice but didnt quite get it