Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 2)"

i love it good shit!

wow thats sum spiffy animating and cool characters, slojoe gives it 2 thumbs up! YEAAAAH!!!!


how dare you insult the great weebl, moron......
ever heard of freedom of speech my friend?
he has as much right to use hitler in his flash as you do to moan about him.

so be positive or shut up.


nice one weebl love insanity prawn boy : )
keep up the good work we all luv ya!

What's with the hitler stuff?

I don't understand why it is that Flash Artists [or those considering themselves to be flash artists] use hitler as the basis for their jokes. Although Hitler was the basis for World War 2, much of power and image is still feared and hated through-out the world.

I still feel that now, is not a good time, nor is any time good to be using images of Hitler as your own personal "Punch Line."

Now if you want to throw darts at hitler, I could understand that, and this joke about the left testicle is a little funny; but so many people could take offense to this flash in so many ways.

I'm usually impressed by Weebl's stuff like "Magical Trevor" and "BADGER BADGER BADGER", but this...well...I didn't like the character creation, and I didn't care much for the joke.


That was pretty crazy :S

... speechless ...

lol this thing was so good :P
so full of shit
so retarded that it was gr8