Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 2)"

it could have been funnyer

its a good animation but i think it could have been better and it could of been more funny. its not a something i would want to watch more then once.

my ideas!

you son of a bitch!...ive been drawing toast men for years....nice flash hough

*laughs slightly*

it had really good facial animations on the um... toast king. Its my kind of humor so i chuckled, just a little. that was the worse german impression i have ever seen.

I don't know why I like this...

I have no idea why, but I love these flashes. They kinda suck, they're not well-written, and it's got hitler, but I like it anyway. Is the animation in the style of Ren and Stimpy? Seems like it. Anyway, good job... I think?

Wait a sec...

Are you gonna make one episode every day till you die? Geekz... That sucks, this gonna be so hated animation series if you are wannabe Foamy. I dont even like this really much, but I gonna hate it if you gonna continue with this line.

Are you scared? Meh.