Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 2)"

Wel i didnt expect hitler to come along!!

lol, that was the last thing i thought wud happen, that was frigging lethal, soo funny, please keep them coming, o and please return hitlers "left" testicle, lol, i wudnt want any man wifout a testicle!! lol

Mother of God

On the Moon is almost as good as Magical Trevor, all those at Weebls-stuff, keep it up man, you guys fucking rule. Virtua Tennis FTW!

that WAS funny

Especially when Hitler appeared. Gestolen made me chuckle, which I don't do a lot, so it must've been funny. I don't know what those guys before me were bitchin' about. They must be living in Vatican.

Not bad

It was sort of randomly funny im quite suprised this made the front page


Overall it looked really good, I just personally didnt enjoy watching it, just wasnt very funny to me at all....