Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 2)"

beautiful animation. lame jokes.

this wasn't very funny at all.. at all. and it ended sorta quickly. top notch animation though.

Fantastic yet again.

I've watched this flash so many times now, and id like to say thankyou for all your very funny flash's you lot have done over the years, i still find myself in a trance listening to 'badgers badgers...'

You guys have a great sence of humour. Oh and i like the new website layout too, great to see weebl and bob and all teh random stuff in one place.

A Big fat doobie!

good shit man, keep it up.

I love it!

I was wondering if you were going to bring these to the world of Newgrounds. The only part that struck me as strange is that the preloader did not spin for me. I checked out On the Moon #3 and it did spin. You may want to check this out. If it works for you please tell me. I need to figure out is wrong on this side then.

Keep up the good work. Testicle!

PEAB0 responds:

Thanks for mentioning this. It's a bug in the Flash, but I've resubmitted it and it should be fixed when they swap it!


Oh my godness!The first part was much better,then THAT!