Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 2)"


Ah. A great short. Funny too.

if i knew what was going on

you would get a better score....but i got really confused....

Not Bad.

This flash, Personally, didn't Click good with me, i mean, it wasn't truly funny, and it wasn't truly bad either.

Perhaps if it had been longer...and more content, then...it would have been better.

But, Nice work nonetheless.


Its half good ^^ half bad. Quite short...and em strange joke. Still ur style rules man.

And to the other 2 people. Shut up about Hitler playing in it...hes dead so he doesnt care what happens to him now. And we learned from his mistakes.
Next time we just have to build bigger camps ^^

I think Ive seen this idea before..

Mastonian? Zachary? Tuttle...