Reviews for "A Super Mario Short 4"


I'm starting to love your mario shorts.
..You have to be on my favorites!

JonBro responds:

:D Thanks!

i like it

not much to say... they gud... only thing thatd be gud is if u were to make 10 episodes or woteva ur gna go up to and put em all in 1 flash..... n e way kl work

JonBro responds:

...just like I did with "Invisible Dog Season 1-3"?

...maybe, but a full length movie would be cooler... (suggested by 0_Lilmario_0)

i didnt laugh

y do people want to keep this...omfg its dumb

JonBro responds:

Well, it's even in people's favorties. Sry.


Not the greatest, but I laughed so I thought it was pretty cool. ^_^ I liked the sound effects when Mario squished Luigi's head. har har. :)

JonBro responds:

All of the sound and music (except for the explosions, of course) were from Mario games... so you've GOT to like those sounds! Who doesn't?

luigi got owned

still do u hate mario or something?????... any who good job with the explosions

JonBro responds:

Do I hate Mario?
That's just like asking me if I hate StrawberryClock. I like Mario, I just think it would be funny if he got away from beating up Bowser and start beating up himself :P