Reviews for "A Super Mario Short 4"

Much Better

I still think that the wall and floor need work but the complexity of this one is way better. The little fight was pretty sweet. Focus more on the fight kind of stuff and less on the bob-ombs and explosions. And you definitely should join the SpriteCrew. They do some good work and could use some more talent.

JonBro responds:

I went overboard on the explosions. I wish I still had the fla. file so that I could cut the thing in half and make it better.

join teh sprite crew!

you should join the sprite crew big time. or my aim is: hypergoatmonkey or type sprite crew in the newgrounds search thingy. anyway this is really awesome movie i can't belive it got a 2.75

- advertising in a review how low have we sunk?

JonBro responds:

You want me to join the sprite crew? I'm not exactly considering it...

Someone else told me I should join the Clock Crew. What's next? The "Stick Crew"?

...I might, as soon as I find the sprite crew homepage... maybe

eh.. not as funny as the last..

This one was a lil bit overdone..
There is always one finishing move that puts the crowd in awe... throwing a TV at someone and blowing them up..

JonBro responds:

I know, it's hard to beat No. 3. I just had to make more.

Hahahaha, nice!

Yanno...this was actually cool. Great job with the settings and action scenes.

Keep 'em coming, and make 'em a bit longer, and WOO-HOO....FRONT PAGE!


JonBro responds:

A little longer? You mean, like, five minutes longer, at least? With a real story? And more fight scenes?

That, I already have planned.

Thanks, tho!


theese mario shorts r so awsome dude!!!!! 3/4 were the greatest mario shorts in history, make more of theese, i love em

JonBro responds:

After the full-length movie, I'll get back to these. I promise.