Reviews for "A Super Mario Short 4"


I think its awesome that you can sumbit 4 really good movies in less than 3 hours. ;)

JonBro responds:

Well... I can only submit 2 a day, because that's how NG is set up...

But yeah, otherwise I guess they could all have been submitted in 3 hours!

keep 'em comin'

ahhh, your movies wouldn't be complete without exploding :)

i love it.

ill hold up to my end of the bargain

sorry i missed judgement, but you supplied me with more exploding marios therefore i give you another 5, oh and ill add you to my list of favourite authors cause i cant get enough of this stuff that you do ;)

JonBro responds:

Yay. Next up: Exploding Luigis!


This animation was interesting. I loved the bombs going off and stuff. The fight seen was funny. Keep on doing whatever you do.

JonBro responds:

Yeah. I should have made the fight scene less shaky... Hrm.

At least someone thought it was funny!

Yay you made another one

they are so good make another one maybe a little longer though and maybe more people fighting and it would be godlike keep up the good work. i want more

JonBro responds:

Don't worry about length. A full-length (as in maybe more than 5 minutes long) made by me will sooner or later come up!