Reviews for "A Super Mario Short 4"

you did great!!

that was awsome when i saw it again i saw that the rug and the wall changes after you watch it over and over besidesthat it was the BOMB=)lol

JonBro responds:

Very punny (Oh, that was painful to write).


my fav 1 yet dude

my fav 1 yet dude XDXDXDXDXDXD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JonBro responds:

Wow. There's a 10. That's a 10, too. WHAT? They're ALL 10s!

Thanks! I like seeing 10s.

knuclesfanatic, go man!

Knucklesfanantic [the guy who reviewed a second ago] is awesome because he said that! nice work putting those arshwipes down, and also nice work for using DBZ! w00t

oh ya this submission. it was great, man. you have talent.

JonBro responds:

What the HECK is it with DBZ? I never watch that show. I've seen maybe three seconds of it in my life flipping through the channels, and all three of them were just plain dumb in my opinion. Anyone who likes it AT ALL, I disagree completely.

Thanks for that last sentence and all those 10s!

You might remember this line!

"...not the best in the world...

...to be completely honest, this was one of the poorest sprite movies ever... What was up with the people randomly vanishing, why weren't the images next to everyone's text NOT pixely, and what was up with the Super Mario World Bowser ground? ...AND the background could have used loads of work (at least add one for detail reasons) and who's that freak that talks to Tails about how loneliness defeats him...? WHY WAS EVERYONE FROM DIFFERENT GAMES?!?! Since when are Shadow and Mario friends? How about Knuckles and Yoshi? WHAT WAS THIS?!"

Answer: This was a saga the second installment of the series on the Eighth Episode. You wouldn't watch DBZ at the end of the series would u? Dumbass. I think this series has done pretty well for 2 years running!

You have the nerve to talk shit about the fla that I made yet yours is a piece of shit. I laugh at your face. hahaha

First of all your sprites wasn't really animated that well. Your movie was 2 damn short not even a min. The backgrounds and the lack of music u had wasn't entertaining at all. The background and music seemed like it was ripped out of the Nes Emulators ass so quick and u just threw it on there to make it seem worthwhile. You are a disgrace to the fla community and If i was you next time you should see what exactly is going in a series before u conclude anything to say about it. Maybe u need to take advice of those fans that reviewed this. Make the movie longer Much much longer. u know u have a short movie when a DIal up user loads in 2 mins.


JonBro responds:

I really don't have any idea what the first part of your review was trying to tell me, so all I really know to do is answer to your last paragraph:

"First of all your sprites wasn't really animated that well."
First of all, okay. Thanks for the constructive criticism, and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

"The backgrounds and the lack of music you had wasn't entertaining at all."
The LACK OF MUSIC?! What are you smoking? There was plenty of music!

"You are a disgrace to the fla community and if i was you next time you should see what exactly is going on in a series before you conclude anything to say about it."
Um... pardon, but this is SUPPOSED to be random.

your review was far too long.

great like frosted flakes

Now i am a personal mario lover and luigi but these cartoons are hilarious.

JonBro responds:

I like Frosted Flakes and Mario games as well. Laughing isn't too bad either.