Reviews for "A Super Mario Short 4"


once again...my big lol! its so funny luigi throws a dozen bo-ombs on mario but he got away when luigi wasnt looking...serves luigi right for such a violent act!

p.s: its not that i care but that 'violent act' part was also random i just wanted to say something that has no point or use xD

Better then the other 3!

Lol who would've thought he would be hiding behind there.

don't agree with you

I found this one way funnier than the other. Love your work

Heh heh...

Good job, that was awesome how Mario just say on him. Explosions were awesome, and I was like "Mario, why are you letting him do this lol?" Very funny. Keep on working at these animations!

Your best one!

Really! (I LOVE your explosions!) dey r so cewl!