Reviews for "A Super Mario Short 4"

i know its a short, but its waaaaaaaaay to short

ok, the grapics were pretty nice but could be improved, the sound wasnt really all that great considering there wasnt much, and there was some violence in it. i laughed when i saw it so i gave it a high score in humor. You need to make this longer.

Ramdom but funny

U won my personal award for da most ramdom funniest shorts about mario, luigi, and yoshi

woot! heaps gud

lol probly bout time luigi got what he needed--- a real whoop ass! lol. heaps gud graphics and sounds and the fact that u filled up the entire screen wit explosions makes it real funny good work!

JonBro responds:

Really? You liked it when the screen filled with explosions? Someone enjoyed that?

I think that's the worst part EVER, looking back at it. Thanks for the review!


Mario had it.

These explosions are cracking me up! I guess Mario had enough.

JonBro responds:

No he hasn't! HE might think he has, but he HASN'T!



these are so stupid and pointless that they are actually part of the funniest shit i have ever seen XD keep it up

JonBro responds:

Uh, thanks...?