Reviews for "A Super Mario Short 4"


why are there only 4 episodes!?
why am i laughing like an idiot!?
why is there a banana on the screen!?
why luigi didnt hide!?
why mario splat his head?! (luigi is my fav char cuz hes funneh)
why am i keep asking some idiot questions!? oh wait i am an idiot (lmao)


i love this vid, but 1 thing, the background and stuff change after the whole screen gets full of explosion, i thought m&l were plumbers, not background-speedswitchers :P

lol! (again)

(dont) go weegee! (?)
wahh!!! weegee lose!!!
why did mario sit on his head?
why is weegee evil?
why have u not made more to add to the series?
why am i asking these retarded questions?
(that kinda make sense o.0)

No... Just No..

Come on, JonBro, you can do better... or maybe you can't...


great job! keep up the good work!