Reviews for "A Super Mario Short 4"


i just reviewed your last one

i said i would look forward to your next one

i did

now im looking forward to the next one (if there is a next one)

JonBro responds:

There will be a next one... once I'm done with my full-length movie (unless I decide not to finish it...)

But I assure you, there will be another one.

This is good..

I've like all your Mario shorts, but this one was the best so far.. And seeing Mario explode reminds me off good times with super smash bros. melee and the original super smash bros.. Good work.

P.s. I can't stop playing with the buttons in he replay screen... >:(

JonBro responds:

You couldn't stop playing with the replay screen buttons and you got mad?
That's odd...

Thanks for the review!


lame ripoff :/ meaningless and short ( I guess it's supposed to be short but oh well O_O )

JonBro responds:


Ripoff of what?


Meaningless? It's supposed to make people laugh!


Not bad.

This is for a previous reviewer. Those were 8-bit sprites you idiot! Now for you. Not bad. Oh, I said that. Did I catch an ATHF reference there?

JonBro responds:

Um... these ARE 16-bit sprites. The sprites (ripped by someone else) are from Super Mario World on the SuperNintendo.

Oh, and I've never watched ATHF. Ever... so I was completely unaware of any similarities.

It was good...

...But it did kinda looked like it was rushed. You definetely have talent.

JonBro responds:

Oh, it was rushed... kind of. If you play the movie enough times, you'll see how the carpet, the back wall, and the dresser change, right?

It took a LONG time to draw two pixely-looking dressers!