Reviews for "Dreaming of her"

Really nice

This is one of those piano pieces that I really like. I would have given you a 10 but I believe I heard some mistakes. So I had to give you a 9, sorry about that. Keep up the good work.

jackie1188 responds:

Of course there are mistakes, yolu can't expect me to improvise without mistakes, i'm not a professional yet.
bt thanks for your rewiew.


Omg...i absolutely loved this piece. Is there anyway u could send me the score for this so i could play it on the piano myself? That would be amazing if u could. If u ever want to talk about music or anything just email me at seth_marquardt@hotmail.com or instant message me on aim ..my sn is swordfish763...

jackie1188 responds:

lol, you just wanna impress the girls with your piano skills^^
I have to tell you, they are impressed, but thats it, it isn't worth the efford...
Although there is no score, it's completely improvised.
But thank you very much for your rewiew.

I love it!!!

That was truly beautiful. I never heard such clear(mind and body) and joyful piano. I'm a classical fanatic, so I know my share of music. I'm really interested in your talent. Do you have a website that I can check out. Or maybe we can talk? my e-mail is...

jackie1188 responds:

I have no website that is representative for what i'm doing, but of course you can email me, if you're still interested in contact with me.


you're a great artist! and say, could you send me the paper notes to me? My email is spxmgb@gmail.com.

jackie1188 responds:

as I said before, I don't do this, for copyright-reasons


Jesus! This song is simple and fantastic! Very touching!

Could you please send me the paper notes???? I´ll really appreciate it!! here-->> rev.exe@gmail.com


jackie1188 responds:

I'm really sorry, I don't give away paper notes for free...
and I don't sell them yet, maybe sometime in future...