Reviews for "Dreaming of her"


I found this by watching a new flash called "yes, yes anime" and you were listed in the credits and I must admit, I liked the music in the flash so I figured I would check it out.
The intro is escellent, beautiful in fact. The song seems to change its mood near the end giving it great diversity. A diverse feeling not found in classical music usually. And trust me, different is good. Original is good. :)
You did a good job at the quality of the sound and kept the file size reasonable at the same time.
For an improve as you say, I really think the effort is splindid. I am touched by this.
I have no real suggestions for you except keep playing, play what comes from the heart, and soul never give up on your dreams.
Thanks for sharing this. :) :) :) :) :)

jackie1188 responds:

Hey, i am very pleased with your opinion, exept from the point, where you criticise missing diversity in classical music.
If you refer to the music at newgrounds, ok... but REAL classical music shows a diversity i NEVER found in another musical stilistic.
But of course thank you very much for you rewiew.


i feel like running down a field full of wild flowers...but then agen, i live in new york city so we both know that's not going to happen. lol
nice work.


jackie1188 responds:

Good joke *sigh*
I only chose the title, because i couldn't make up a better one.
I wanted to call it "Hope" but it was already used.
But anyway, thanks for you rewiew.
PS: If you ever see a pierce of me called "Beeing with her" you know I moved out of New York City *g*

I can only say

this is very AWESOME. A truly beautiful piece of music. I'm going to add this to my NG playlist ;)

keep it up!!

jackie1188 responds:

Thanks very much, i will keep it up!

99999 yay

very nice sorta sounds like mario under water from that nitendo64 game anyway very soothing and what not i give this pice a 9!

jackie1188 responds:

well, i couldn't find it too close to the mario music, anyway, thanks for you rewiew


This is one of my favorite audio submissions of all time. You are a brilliant pianist!


jackie1188 responds:

thank you very much!