Reviews for "Dreaming of her"


Clearly, you have serious talent. Let me give you a rundown of my scoring --
Originality - I felt like I recognized some parts.. but the rest was original, as far as I know.
Clarity - I could hear every note, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the recording. Well done.
Diversity - All piano, but you went all the way up and back down the keyboard.
Effort - The reson I gave you an 8 here is the same reason I gave you an overall 9 -- it'a beautiful piece, infinitely better than I can do, however, there are a few.. misplaced notes, from the beginning to the middle, that stand out like a purple people eater. Fix those, and this'd be one of the best piano pieces I've ever heard.

jackie1188 responds:

The style of playing piano and breaking the chords between the 2 hands is quite often used, as i found out shortly before now.
maybe thats the reason you recognize some parts.
Misplaced notes are unavailable in aimprovisation if you aren't a professional musician.


I used it in my movie!

Sheet Music

Love this piece! Can you please send me a copy? My email is: coppertop.jean@gmail.com . I'd apreciate it. :)

jackie1188 responds:

a copy of the non existing score?
no, ther isn' one, see in some comments below, sry.
but thanks for your interest in my music and your rewiew


This song is so beautiful!
I would LOVE to be able to play this!
I would rate higher than a 5 if I could.
This has to be the most beautiful piano song I've ever heard!
I absolutely love it.
If I ever learn flash, I will most definitely put this song in it if you wouldn't mind.
It's amazing.
I downloaded it ^_^

jackie1188 responds:

Hey, I like girls, that like my music.
And i love girls, that love my music.
You allways give me a reason to go on.
My music comes from heart and if i see it goes to heart, it gives me the greatest pleasure I can imagine.
Thanks Lena :-) <3<3

good job jackie

thought it was well-played but it sounded like there were a few screw ups in the song early, I could be wrong, but it didn't sound quite right. well done 3/5-mrStrike

jackie1188 responds:

yup, it wasn't correct all the time, see below.
but 40% of, because of 4 mistakes?
gee, youre quite critical...