Reviews for "Dreaming of her"


It's one of those feel good music.
Doesn't stand out too much though

Perfect video game music

When i first heard this it brought back up some good memories.
But when i hear it now it remembers me of Mario Galaxy, a great game with great music.
This song would fit perfectly in this game, might be a perfect ending theme for a game like that.
Hope you get very very famous with your music someday.
You're not lacking any talent that's for sure.


A beautiful song. It makes me think of my girlfriend at home.

Added song and artist to favorites. Thank you for sharing this with us.

nice theme

it's a beautiful melody, the type of music that makesyou reflexion aout stuff even if you are hearing it when you are pleying a video game

jackie1188 responds:

Thank you very much!!
Thats exactly what I want to achieve, to touch people with my music, and make them think about things.

It's really beautiful

Very, very pretty.Did anyone help you on this?Like on what to play and all that.I really like it.You play very beautiful.I'm trying to do songs, too with my keyboard.But not post it on Newgrounds.

jackie1188 responds:

I was doing this all alone, without someone helping me.
Thank you very much for your Rewiew.