Reviews for "Dreaming of her"

Great stuff!


I am a big fan of your music and I would like to speak with the author of this piece about working with me to compose some movie scores for some student films. Please email me at lawngnome633@yahoo.com as your link leads to a lot of German which unfortunatly I do not understand/

Thank you
LawnGnome Productions

jackie1188 responds:

omg, i'm really late with my answer sry...
if this is still of interest, you can email me at andreaskuch@gmx.de

Wow! Very beautiful!

You did a very fine job on this piece! I commend you on your artistic abilities! Although I thought the style of it was already a bit exhausted, I found that the note/speed variations in some of the parts was a pretty good way to put yourself "out there" from the rest of them. However, I kind of thought you were a bit apprehensive when you were about to play the passages (I listened to the song looped.) Even though, I'm sure people not as picky as me agree it's a great work of art :)

jackie1188 responds:

you can find bad things in almoust everything, especially when a pierce of music is improvised completely free.
It is incredible difficult to improvise sucht a pierce of music whithout some mistakes.
but i'm getting better :-)
but thanks for your rewiew

Very nice piece

That was quite a good track. Of course, I'm no conniseur (sp?) of piano (even classical, for that matter) music, but I am a long-time musician, and I was quite impressed with the progressions in this piece...very much diverse in comparison with most music these days (blues-scales, four chord changes, etc.). Keep up the good work.

jackie1188 responds:

I will, I will!
thank you dude.

Another great job

Wow man! What really I think is awesome about you is that while most people even piano players are playing harder stuff your keeping it classical. I havent been working on my classical stuff very much I mostly just use guitar music and write the left hand. I wish I had you determination. KEEP DOING IT!


jackie1188 responds:

I am keeping doing it, althrough i have very few time for newgrounds and uploading more stuff, but maybe in future some more will come.
I am now searching new musical areas to explore, I was participating as an composer in an opera-project shortly, staging in stuttgart and zurich.
I would upload this stuff too, but the text is by an professional author, so the copyright-stuff is too dangerous..

but thank you very much for your rewiew.

OMG Very Good

My dream is to become a famous composer like Nobuo Uematsu. This song is very good. I will probably use it in my upcoming flash. Look for it in the flash "Always About Her" by Dante_Leonhart and Prodiga.

jackie1188 responds:

I am very ashamed to say, I never heared about Nobuo Uematsu
I especially know european composers..
although i have never heared you work, I give you my best whishes on your musical career.
And thanks for your good rewiew.