Reviews for "Dreaming of her"

That's some good solo pianist improv.

There were a few notes that sounded like slips, and I thought the one loud note near the begining felt kinda out-of-place. I'm assuming this is original music. If the artist was reciting a piece, I surely wouldn't know the difference. Overall it was good, but a little... too familiar. I would have liked to see a little more variety. Something a little more like Keiko Matsui.

jackie1188 responds:

Yes the loud note is not correct, in the sample i used theres an aprupt limit between the soft and the loud sample, so its difficult to always get the right velocity.
And of course this is my own work.
Who is Keiko Matsuri?!? Never heard of him.
but thanks for the rewiew!


wow.. just wow.. that was so beautiful
great job i really want to hear more!

jackie1188 responds:

You will here more, I'll keep uploading.
Untill then, you could check out my other files, like Guitar-impro or oszvvhs, if hou haven't yet.
And of course, thanks for the good rewiew!

Absolutely beautiful...

This is exhilerating, and so calmly soothing. This is definately top notch work. I like this alot. Good work!

jackie1188 responds:

Thank you very much man, I like improvising in that style (but thats not the only Style I can do).

That was really cool

You are trully talented, I would love to be able to play piano like that, keep riping it up cheif that was awsome..

jackie1188 responds:

Thanks for the good rewiew, this wont be my last pierce, so check out my audio from time to time.