Reviews for "GG's Ultimate Arcade"

An annoying collection.

A lot of the games on show here, just aren't that fun to play, and others are downright difficult! Up ball is a lesson in frustration, with the ball seemingly shooting off in random directions whenever it feels like it. The leads to it falling into the lava almost every time.

For other games, the scores you need to get to unlock the next game are far too high, for instance 50 points in Cube Crusher or the 20 needed in Skater. Skater is incredibly annoying as it is randomly generated meaning there is occasions where it is impossible to make it past a certain obstacle.

The problem here is that they are all minigames that just aren't that fun to play. If it was just one or two of the games, with a much greater level of polish to them it would possibly be better, but because there are so many, they all half that kind of half-assed feel to them. A shame...


The first game dosent give instructions and it isnt very easy to figure them out.


i noticed while i was playing crazy races it said i needed to get 50 points to unlock the next game...i only got 40 and it was unlocked. just thought i'd let you know. but it's a really good game- well designed with good music

some are impossible

some of these games are impossible but all in all quite good


graphics no fun no