Reviews for "GG's Ultimate Arcade"

I still remember this game from my childhood

Wow gotta say I never expected you to make it big these days with games like Closure. Still this game is very fun and addictive despite it's simplicity. It's challenging and I love pointless unlockables so that's a winner in my book.

Hard yet interesting

Most of the games in this collection are either very long and tedious, or just unbelievebly hard. It was very fun to look through the variety of games you were allowed to play and it is a very interesting consept. These games need improvments, but some of them were fun to play, most of the time never fun to replay.


THE GAMES ARE FRUSTRATING but allinall it was a good game just a bit easyer and better graphics nice work

I like it

i dont know why everyone rates it so low, everything is awesome for one game


graphics was terrible and games were very annoying...
i suppose it was okay for a 15 yr old though...
you definitely need to work on graphics and animation skills