Reviews for "GG's Ultimate Arcade"

I'm Tired

Very tiring, but a good game!


doesnt make any sence to me but some of the games are okay

There's something here for everybody!

Is the quote for this average compilation of small flash games.Well,to be honest,there was nothing here for me,as I soon discovered after playing the games.A few of them were fun,granted,and you have potential as a Flash game designer that you are just tapping in to,but it didn't live up to my expectations.Well done for getting featured in Action,though,and i hope to see a lot of new submissions from you in the future.
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server45's critic Notice

I consider myself a critic. and uh this is like the best thing i have played next to Impossible Quiz. Thumbs up for 10!! just one thing i do nopt understand stop the clock.

best ever!

best thing but can u make up ball less hard ok.