Reviews for "GG's Ultimate Arcade"

Pretty good

Upball is what happens when two drunk homosexuals meet in a bar. Other then that...
Music was really repetitive. Took off my headsets =p
Was pretty fun other than some toys were hard to get.

THE PASSWORD IS...........................

just kidding........alright seriously this left much to be desired though i would say the concept is not as developed as i would have liked but it was an admiral attempt. look i enjoyed the games but i can believe that a second one with better graphics and more developed gameplay would be a very addictive submission look i know this may have been hard to make but i think your developing skills will allow you to make a better game in the future

Got 200+ points on Skater

Well, I got kind of bored with this after a little while. Unlocked a few games, got 3 of the 20 toys. And I really don't like Up Ball.

Simple, but there's a problem...

It's a great set of mini-games, simple, yet challenging, and the toys kept me coming back for more. Not the best graphics...but who cares?

Now for the problem.

You said that getting exactly 1000 on Stop The Clock would get you a toy. I did it (I actually did it twice in one game once), but I got nothing. Is is something I did?

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

your FINAL score has to be 1000. So stop it on 1000 then let the clock run till its over 2000


everything was fine, graphics were better than pacman, lots of games... and lots of games i couldnt reach and play... some minigames were too hard to unlock, well good job dude!