Reviews for "GG's Ultimate Arcade"


i really didnt mind the graphics, ive seen much much worse... You need to rework Up Ball, so you can use arrow keys. It's just ridiculously hard with clicking. You'd see a lot better versions of these games on Neopets, for gods' sake!


best game ever

drove me mad!!!!!!!!!

the dam game fucking drove me mad i couldent get passed the first level of the left and righrt section only the middle!!!!!!!!!


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A user named Glaiel clock makes extremely crappy games, one really crappy one saying glaiel gamer has switched to the clock crew, and many people might not look at who made the game. Just telling you this cause I know many people hate the clock crew, so it might affect your other games' reviews.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

there's a reason i only use glaiel clock for crap stuff


First all the games are badly done.The soud is just awfull and you have to get too many points to unlock the next game.
Try to promote games like CUBE CRUSHER and TENNIS CATAPULT.
Just forget about everything else.
I still liked the toys... :D