Reviews for "GG's Ultimate Arcade"

Great game but...

there was one big thing that bugged me. on the game "Protect your milk" you should have put in crosshairs because i found myself shooting like 2 millimeters away because i didn't aim properly. but besides that it was a great game. "Falldown" was the shit


very nice, i think you went for that Wario mini-game feel ;P. only thing that was bugging me was Up Ball which took FOREVER to beat lol


nice work good for wena your borde keep up the good work ^_^

good idea

good idea.
bad gameplay.
games:common and boring.
instructions:need to be clearer
i won't lie, i really thought u needed to put more time into it.

lazy... :p

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

Did you even play all the games?

((( COOL )))

This is a really nice idea, and a good game, i like how you made it so you can unlock more games, and how original some of the game in here are. The animations are good, and i like your style in this a lot. The music goes well with each games theme, and i liked listening to it as i was playing. The gameplay is really nice, and i enjoyed playing this game very much indeed...