Reviews for "GG's Ultimate Arcade"

Up Ball

I found an easy way to pass Up Ball. Wait until you can see the next platform, and then click the ball so it hits the wall on the opposite side before it lands on the platform. So if the next platform is on the right click so it hits the left wall first.

Good Stuff

I hope I'm not bothering you by writing a review beforeI beat the game. This is cool, I like the concept of having a toy room, but the center branch of games seems alot easier than the other 2. Anyway, this is cool (:

P.S. How do you unlock some of the toys?

not bad for a 15 year old :)

and no thats a compliment not an insult. . .it really is a good job, it shows you have skillz in this line of work. the graphics aren't topnotch, but hey it dont hafta be to be good. the sound is ok but gets annoyin after a bit, however you countered that problem with using the s key to turn it off at anytime. gameplay is well varied with 12 minigames and a number of toys to play with, so it'll keep ya occupied for a while :P so while its not perfect its still fun to play. so mr. 15 year old game creator, keep practicing & good job.


It's so fuckin' hard!!!!! Seriusly, it's not a well made game: the aiming sucks everywhere: by the ball lifting I can't aim the hit on the ball, so it goes exactly where I don't want it to go. By the mole mocker I often had to try 3 times on one mole to hit it, altrough I always aimed right. In the protect the milg game the turret should be controlled by the mause, because it can't be turned just a bit, and the enemies odn't die if I hit their hands. And I don't really know how to unlock the toys you should write some info about it. And please put a music off button.

((VOTED 5))

This was really cool and stuff. I love the games where its like a bunch of mini games in one. Needing to unlock the minigames made it less repetitive and although it was impossibaly hard to get the toy room was fun. It should of like told us how to get the toys though.

EXTRA COMMENTS: only 2 toys. WTF